Facts about you that are hard to believe


Regale us with some personal facts about yourself that may, on the surface, seem hard to believe.

I'll start:
  • Despite being born and raised in the the fine state of North Carolina, I have never attended a NASCAR race, or watched an entire episode of The Andy Griffith Show
  • I've never seen Gone with the Wind, Lawrence of Arabia or any film starring John Wayne all the way through
  • I've been to 47 of 50 United States, but, aside from Canada, I have never left this country. (That's going to change somewhat when I take a cruise this November.)
Some more items may occur to me later on, but... what would be your list?
If you want to share details, go ahead.

And, BTW, if anyone else has anything less... well, serious to share... feel free.
OK, here are some random tidbits...

- Despite looking like & sometimes acting like a "stereotypical" code monkey (aka: computer programmer), I am not a game player nor am I into the whole 'geek life' thing. People at work were surprised when I did not take part in "Talk Like a Pirate Day" for some reason.

- I like classical music. It is very calming to me, in particular string movements and the unique sound of the harpsichord.

- On the surface I may appear not to be religious but I am in fact a spiritual person. I just don't believe that having to take part in organized religion and spirituality are inclusive of each other.
I am what I look like
Somewhat tall, muscular, gruff and of typical nature to the construction industry of which I've been a part of for well over three decades.
People can't believe that I can't stand Country Music or NASCAR, or Sports (to any meaningful degree).
Most can't believe I can spell and even less so write. They're surprised to find out I'm deeper than a mud puddle.
I'm artsy, creative and opinionated, and competent at most things. I don't hate anything, but dislike many others.
I'd like to be able to see things before they happen. Not to exploit them, rather to get out of the way.
That's it ... the Big Picture.