Forum Changes - Jan 2020


Code Monkey
Staff member
Wow, it's been some time since we've made any changes! :eek:

Nothing major is planned but over the next several days we'll be moving the threads from the dedicated "Sci-fi and Fantasy" and "Horror" forums to their corresponding forums like Movies, Television, and Books.

The original idea behind having the separate forums likes that was general open topics about sci-fi would be in the "Sci-fi and Fantasy" forum while the Movies / TV / Books / etc forums would be used specific titles. A thread about "What do you like better, Star Trek TOS or Star Trek TNG?" would be in the general forum while a thread about "Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)" would be in the Movies forum.

Well, it turns out it didn't work out that way and so open threads now exist in both places, the "Sci-fi and Fantasy" forum and in the various Movies / Books / TV / Games / etc forums.

So... a slight forum re-organization is needed and threads like "TOS vs TNG" will go in the TV forum and so on.

As we move into 2020 there'll be some other tweaks as we go along to help get the word out about our community. Feel free to ask your online friends & family to come join us. :D