I just Realized...


An Old Friend
I never did an intro so you all can figure me out... Well Here goes...
:cool:I picked my screen name from a 'Terminator Squirrel', There's a photo of one in the gallery now. The spelling keeps me from having kickbacks during the registering process.

I've been messing with a home PC since around 1996. I've fried a couple, well, one was on the floor and my dog lifted its leg on the motherboard, but that's another story...

Just because I don't like the same things as you doesn't mean you're wrong, we're just different is all. I try not to criticize too much. I mean no harm so if something I post insults or hurts you PM me and I will post an apology and try to rectify the issue. If I am wrong it's probably a typo cause I'm never wrong 9LoL9.:P If I believe someone else is wrong I will post or PM them. Most of the time I just don't get it...know whadImean?

I love surfin the web, I wish It existed like today when I was a kid! I save bookmarks to the point its unhealthy. I love links! See if you post the link it keeps you from stealing someone elses stuff and makin them mad. Any credit should go to where credit is due.

I set my signature to link to my groups. SciFiResearchers is mostly a link group and SciFiDreamers is a creativity explorer. I would love to see more members but they will come if I can get the word out.

I've been a mechanic all my life, did a 7 year active tour in the USN Seabees as a contruction mechanic. I have 3 teen boys and 1 teen girl, I am still married to my wife of 21 years and I love her. She's not perfect but then neither am I. We get along well because we are different and understand who each other are as persons. She is MaSkwirl and I am PaSkwirl.:rolleyes:

Well - Hello everyone, I hope ya all like my posts, comments, links and pics.


Code Monkey
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Welcome aboard! The site is still in it's 'starting-out' phase but we're getting there. After reading your intro above now I get how to pronounce your username! When I first saw it I thought it must've been some cryptic meaning or something.

When it comes to computers, I've been known to fry a few over the years myself. The best thing is to just chalk it up as a learning experience of what not to do next time. Of course a cavalier attitude like that is much easier in today's environment where components can be had pretty cheap but back in the 80's when we were just starting out with PCs my brother & I learned the expensive way sometimes.

Sounds like you've been having a busy, but fulfilling, life so far. My wife & I just got married a few weeks ago so hopefully we'll be happy as your past 21 years seem to have been.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our little site. If there is anything we can do to help out or if there is anything on your mind as you surf, good or bad, let us know and we'll see what we can do.

PS: Remind me never ask about your dog and computers. :eek: