In The Shadow Of The Moon

Viktor Kuprin

Spaced Cadet
In The Shadow Of The Moon

This wonderful documentary is making its way across the U.S. I got to see it last night, and it blew me away.

From Wikipedia: In the Shadow of the Moon follows the manned missions to the moon made by the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The documentary reviews both the footage and media available to the public at the time of the missions, as well as NASA films and materials which had not been opened in over 30 years; all of which has been remastered in HD. Augmenting the archival audio and video are contemporary interviews with some surviving Apollo era astronauts, including Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Charlie Duke, Harrison Schmitt, and John Young. The former astronauts have the only speaking roles in the movie, although occasional supplementary information will be presented on screen with text. The notoriously reclusive Neil Armstrong, the first person on the moon, declined to participate.

Watch for it at your local theater. I'm not surprised it won an award at Sundance as the best documentary.

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Thanks for the heads-up reminder!

I missed it when it did the limited run at the theaters but I must remember to pick up the DVD.