Politics Increasing Altruism


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Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
As we reach 2021 during a world-wide pandemic do you feel altruism in society, in general, is increasing or decreasing? Is it the same?

Many people have had their lives changed. Personal stress increases yet I read articles about increases in anonymous gifts to charities and food banks.
I've noticed my neighbors are 'friendlier' and more helpful than before.

Personally, I've noticed a change in myself concerning how I look at others.
I'm more prone to help someone or assist others than before. Not just with money concerns but deeds and cheering as well. I have a new depth to helping my fellow man.

This drive is more than my normal courtesy gesture. My empathy has increased and I find myself paying attention to the plight of others more often than I used to. Is it age? I know its not guilt. I believe its pandemic related.

The changes I see and feel are relatively recent and have been increasing all thru last year. I've always been helpful and giving but recently, I am willing to go out of my way to help others more often.

I'm wondering if anyone else has felt this or noticed a change in altruism in society or themselves?
Will it persist past the pandemic or fade away as the pandemic subsides?

Has anyone noticed an opposite effect on society?
The opposite of altruism is spite.
Many people have good reason to be more spiteful as their lives are thrown into turmoil.
I'm sure society has a mixture of both but I'm seeing (noticing) more altruistic behavior in general and I feel it more in myself.

What do you think?

I wonder if there are any studies concerning the correlation between isolation and altruism?
With our current world-wide communication technology and automation of industry, the trend of society is toward isolationism. That trend by itself is a slow process where society can adapt and maintain its ongoing cultural imperatives.
The pandemic thrust fast change upon us. We needed to adapt quickly and severe changed occurred. I wonder if it was the fast change which spurred an increase in altruism generally?
Will the altruism dissipate slowly over time or abruptly decrease?
After the pandemic and isolation will selfishness and spite increase dis-proportionally?

Some people have become flat out nasty to others recently.
I attribute the 'nasty' to the fact some people have been hit really hard by this in their financial situation and their lifestyles.

Eager to climb out of the place they're in, they might see anything as an obstacle. Probably because they are not thinking of changing themselves, instead thinking they must endure it to get to the other side of what they think is a temporary situation.

There has been a shift in business models. Business are finding out its more efficient to employ fewer workers and maintain smaller spaces.

If this pandemic continues thru 2021 (it could), there may also be a shift in how restaurants and bars and public venues are structured.
For example, in-house dining may be phased out in favor of drive up or window service permanently. This shrinks not only the requirement for public spaces (seating areas) but the employees needed to run those spaces. Think about the overhead to provide an environment for office cubicles.
This means service jobs may also be phased out or significantly reduced, which would keep those people out of work.

This is a problem, population wise, because world-wide population is continuing to rise. Its also a problem career wise in any service industry job market. Plus, decades ago we (USA) phased from a manufacturing industry nation to a service industry nation. Many first world countries did.
There are no factories (well, relatively few) to put people back to work. Manufacturing, for the most part, has moved to 3rd world countries.

For those of us who have been lightly affected by this, altruism can be possible.
Not so for those who stand to lose their jobs forever or already have.
It all stands to cause a rift in society to which revolt and revolution easily manifests.

We're gunna see a shift in societies in 2021. I can't tell if it will be altruistic or spite filled. I think whatever happens, it will be a division which will change the face of humanity.


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Jan 30, 2009
I'm tired if rich politicians that demand tax $ from working people (like myself) and give it out and expect to be recognized for generosity, while they never ever spend their own money.

as always I think some people will help out of compassion.

I think a LOT of people feel that a lot of charity stuff is a scam and the truly needy don't get much.

saw a story; guy at intersection 'will work for food'; man in pickup offers him work; guy turns him down; man with pickup makes sign 'offered this guy work and he said no so don't give him anything' and stands by him for while.


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Jan 21, 2013
Brisbane went into lockdown 6pm Yesterday, a whole bunch of people gave food items etc to the homeless, off set by the normal members of our society panic buying and carrying on like pork chops.

Was in the bottleshop at approx 5pm, emergency supplies, and this bogan chick was on about having covid like headaches, sore throat, tiredness etc ... of course she hadn't gone to be tested and wasn't wearing a mask.


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Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Altruism is the principle and moral practice of concern for happiness of other human beings or other animals, resulting in a quality of life both material and spiritual.


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
My point of this thread is the fact I am noticing an increase in altruism in general.
Both in myself and from the public in general.

I tend to have an optimistic view of life lately (last 10 years or so).
I look for the good, I focus on the good and the bad usually takes care of itself.
There's a lot of bad in the world today with social distancing and society insanity but there's also a lot of good in the people.

When you focus on the bad, the bad is all you can see but when you focus on the good you can realize no matter how bad it might seem, there's still a lot of good around.

I participate at a lot of forum communities. People tend to focus on the bad nearly all the time.
Most people who have access to the internet have much more than a lot of people yet they tend to complain about more?
Its so sad.