Jen nominated for Golden Globe


The Bubbly

I'm thinking I should go to Bio at 10:00... However, it has snowed/iced a lot... and its already near 2:00... plus its my only class...

I think I should skip.


Sorry I don't know if JG has won....I think I had wrong informations in the french site Internet ( once this is JG win, once this is another actressp...Well you, you're in America, can you tell me if JG has win Godlen Globes ???? Thanks
i COULDNT belive that JG didnt win...ahhh grrr. I was all ready to watch th entire golden globes, but after she lost, i turned it right off. but i did watch the reunion, old alias last night....alll the old people won the golden globes its not fair... i hate frances convoy, HATE HATE HATE!!
Unfournatly our Jennifer didnt win she should have but didnt! Have you ever noticed that all the people who win are all on HBO shows? Its not fair, Jennifer desereved to win by far! She was robbed!
I'm sorry, but whoever picked the winners this year deserve a big (n)

First off, JEN didn't win! HELLO........ :mad: :(

Matt Leblanc didn't win, and neither did anybody from the cast of Will and Grace. How about somebody else besides Jessica Parker gettting the award :P

Love ya,

Penny :angelic: