Jennifer Interviews and Specials???


I only recently became an Alias and Jen fan, so I am still trying to gather up media surrounding her, in this case, interviews, specials, bloopers stuff that has been on television. I'm looking for Jen interviews from recent stuff to her early beginning interviews. You know, Conan, Leno, Jon Stewart, Letterman, Rosie O'Donnell, Good Morning America, ET Alias bts or movie bts, and so forth. Also looking for award shows in which Alias cast members presented, and or won. Also looking for specials, blooper clips from anywhere, some that were on those ABC blooper reels every now and again. I'm willing to pay for anything you guys might have and are willing to dub for me. Somehow downloading the clips from is nice, but so not enough. I like to be able to watch it on television with my family instead of seeing an ity bity screen on my computer. I have a LARGE collection of tapes cause I'm SUCH a media girl, I have more movies and tapes than God, LOL, and I now have this obsession, so I need to start collecting! Thanks so much!

Paradise Kendra

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