Lumbly Talks Upcoming Episodes


Dec 9, 2002
New York

Carl Lumbly, who co-stars as Agent Marcus Dixon on ABC's Alias, told SCI FI Wire that upcoming episodes will complicate his character's life even more. Dixon recently learned the truth about SD-6; accidentally killed Emily (Amy Irving), wife of duplicitous SD-6 boss Sloane (Ron Rifkin); and witnessed the murder of his wife, Diane (Yvonne Farrow).

"They are definitely going to move on in upcoming episodes, and Dixon has a price to pay for all that has happened," Lumbly said in an interview. "His reaction is non-typical for him."

Lumbly added that the show's producers will put him in new situations with Vaughn (Michael Vartan) and Sloane. "It's different territory for Dixon and [different] for me to play," Lumbly said, adding that Dixon will now want to go after Sloane. "So we all have healthy, healthy appetites and reasons to move forward," he said. "Dixon is full of guilt for killing Emily and angry at Sloane for making the last 12 years of his professional life a lie."

But Lumbly said that the central characters will have to quell "any vengeful energy" and instead concentrate on Sloane's activities. "What's going on with Sloane is larger than our little personal stories," the actor said. "Sloane wants world domination, and Dixon never loses sight of that." Alias airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT.
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