MACHINE PHASE: 1000 years from now...


An Old Friend
Dean Fowler published a graphic novel of his Machine Phase universe back in 2004 and while part comic, it's also a behind the scenes look at the universe he created, one where both machines and man are dying to create the perfect world. Here's where it gets confusing, this is all I can find on it, so if I'm wrong, someone please chime in. You can check out a copy of the book online here and get even more details on the graphic novel here.

The story is based on a world in where machines have achieved consciousness and are trying to wipe out humanity.. no it's not humanity, it's set 1000 years in the future and while the CGI looks quite old, I'm guessing this is not how the feature will be. Just watch the teaser and you'll see the potential.

25 years after the end, the scattered remnants of humanity cling to life on a handful of inhospitable planets. Relentlessly hunted by a sentient computer that views them as nothing more than lab rats, can they find a hero brave enough to try and set them free?

Teaser after the break! Yes the video is crappy, but it's all we've got.

Teaser at Quiet Earth
The Making of

Over half of the 'Machine Phase: Booby Trap' book contains behind-the-scenes creation of the graphic novel. The 'Making of' starts with the blocking in of ideas before moving onto lighting, modeling and rigging, then materials and rendering. Individual scenes are explained such as covers and complex environments.

A pencil to pixels feature shows the development of the major characters from initial concept sketches through to final renders and an artist gallery shows the personal artwork of the team including: Rolf Mohr, Chung Ho Kan, Ed Lee, Kevin Lanning, Pascal Blanché, and Chris Jacobs.

About Dean Fowler

Dean's entertainment career started when he formed the rock band Disturbance with his brother Dan in 1987. Disturbance signed a major publishing deal and a recording contract and toured with many of the major 80s rock bands. After Disturbance disbanded, Fowler began his career in 3D animation. He started as an animator with NovaLogic, one of the largest video game developers and publishers in the United States.

He worked on several titles including the Comanche series, Delta Force and Armored Fist. After five years with NovaLogic Dean began a collaboration with Brian Gorne as they developed a CGI film called Machine Phase. Fowler currently works independently for Motion Media were he is responsible for all 3D production as well as training and tech support for all clients. His clients have included: EA Games, Universal Entertainment, Bravo, Disney, Discovery Channel, NBC, Dolby Digital and many more.