Male or Female?

what gender prowls the boards the most?

  • Female, of course!

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  • Male, and proud of it!

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  • Ummm....not sure

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thanx! i was told it by a guy! but it is true! the ll girl's schools in my area do better than the all boys school's in my area! cool or what! i got taught this fact t school! the thing's english schools teach! quite funny!
HEHE! see me clever! sort of, or i just always facts that make me feel better, like men prefering a women who is smaller than them than taller! coz i am small!

no... definitely not... lost meaning i'm not sure what exactly to do right now. keep posting or find a book... or go home maybe? i think i'm going to keep posting though
Posting is a good thing.

Girls rule, boys drool! Alright, I know that was a little childish, but still...

And there are definitely more girls here than guys.

~Me :angel2: