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Has any one saw the movie "SAW 3".It is a spine tinkling movie and you would surely scream if you watch the movie.The movie is a horror/thriller.It also won two nominations.And they have voted it as the best of the three movies.

You can see it your self in the link given.And waiting for the 4th part.........


First off, I'm not a big fan of those movies. Secondly, I wouldn't scream. I'm not a screamer, and I don't understand people who are. I never screamed on any of the rides I've been on, including roller coasters, and the picture of me coming down Splash Mountain just has me looking bored and a little green.


I've seen all the Saw movies. Horror/Thrillers make me jump or hide my eyes behind the lip of my hat... I don't scream either. I might pee myself... a little... no, not really. They're "OK". The first was the best, the second was ok, the third... well, I just hope there isn't a #4, otherwise I will plan to be bored.

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As far as screaming on roller coasters Kuzzle, it's a personal thing. I usually turn green too, as I don't find the fun in being whizzed around like that. I'd rather drive in Phoenix traffic at 75 mph. That's fun, and a lot like driving in a car racing game like GTO, etc. But, I will say one thing, I turned less green when I actually did scream on a roller coaster. I've been told that's why a lot of people do ('cept girls, but they scream at everything imho). I dunno, but I just steer clear.
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