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An Old Friend
Does your Movie Collection lean toward Science Fiction?
Remember to consider your old VHS collection as well as your virtual.


Would 'other vote' be arthouse, film noir or anything else from Yawn City? However, I included films like Blade and Van Helsink(wrong spelling - I know) in my my sf choice knowing there are some out there how would not define them as such.


Code Monkey
Staff member
Hayden, welcome to Cool SciFi! :welcome:

I haven't seen Van Helsing yet... is worth it tracking down the DVD?


An Old Friend
Van Helsing is a vampire movie that goes well with Underworld. I wasn't real impressed with Underworld because it felt like there was something missing. Van Helsing had some nice stuff and it 'felt' complete. I'd watch it again but I wouldn't buy it. There's better Vamp movies. SFX were pretty kool tho!


The Big Cheese
I LOVED the first 2 Terminator movies. The third was okay but didn't have the good characterization of the first 2. The perfect vehicles for Arnold!!