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This is not to advertise or sell you anything. I have some yahoo groups that I would love to get some members in. Problem is you have to join to get in. I think I will make an anonomous member and password so I can provide a preview look before you join thing. Does that make sense?

well the links are in my signature but here is a recap

my newest group:
Activity within 7 days:
8 New Members - 66 New Links - 44 New Messages - 4 New Databases - 8 New Photos - 3 New Files

My largest group:
Activity within 7 days:
1 New Member - 7 New Links - 3 New Messages

and my strangest group:
Activity within 7 days:
1 New Member - 1 New Message

I will be back to edit in the entry member and password as soon as I create it.

username= skwirlfree
password= 123456

If it doesnt work let me know here


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I'll ask.... why would SciFiDreams be described as the strangest? :P Before we click that link what can we expect?


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Scifi dreamers is mostly just short posts from me about ideas and background info for story telling

I describe Belt Scrubbers and Propulps, explore humans in 1 million years and do a little whitetooth talk.

The posts are very random and not meant to be any more than an idea getting wrote down.

thats why I feel it is the strangest. The other two groups have missions wher this one is very random.