I almost forgot to formally introduce myself even though some of you already have gotten to know me (Cinders, SYDAPO05, to name a few). To those who do and don't know me yet, I'll start the ice breaking now. My name is Alex. I live in Upland, CA which borders LA County in San Bernadino County. I am a 24 year old who works as a washer/buser at an Itallian restaurant aiming to go back to junior college in summer/fall to continue studying broadcasting (I want to focus on visual editing). I started watching Alias by renting seasons I/II at Blockbuster and since then I've been hooked and own all 3 seasons on DVD. Jen has also become my favorite actress and celeb crush (sweet-hearted personality, hauntingly pretty brown eyes, dimpled smile: swoon!). Since then, I've bought Dude Where's My Car?, Daredevil, Significant Others (short lived JG tv show) and 13 Going on 30 along with the aforementioned 3 Alias seasons. I also play guitar and follow major league baseball (go Angels!) and I'm obsessed with The OC and Family Guy. It's been wonderful getting to know you wonderul individuals and I hope to get to know others to as well. Take care everybody, peace out!:<)
Thanks for the love and support. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now (he he he). Just to interest those here I'm also on the SD-1 discussion boards frequently with arf100480 as my user ID. ARF is my initials and 100480 is by birthdate (10/04/80).