Printers/Ink Cost/Quality


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i want a colour printer, a colour printer capable of printing A4, posters, photos.

i'm looking at the Epson C66, a printer with seperate ink carts, so when i run out of one colour, i can just replace that cart

in the retail shops it's about £60 sterling, from one of the two main mail order companies i use, it's £45 inc p&p

but the initial cost of a colour printer isn't what counts, it's the ink!!!!! in the retail shops i found the carts selling for £10 each (8ml carts)

when i looked on ebay i found dealers selling compatible carts for a lot less. but there are no forums where people discuss these compatible carts by brand, no consumer reviews for them really. the only info i have gained from mates is to stay away form IMJET brand which seem to all come in yellow boxes. apparently low quality devices and variable ink content.

other brands you can find for £28 for 24 carts though!!! worth the risk i guess, definitely makes the epson a good idea.

ink supplies and their cost is the main reason why to date i have not purchased an inkjet printer as of yet. my printing has been in b&w, bribing the college tech guys with big reams of paper to give me allotments to do the work.

but, aside from the epson c66 which seems ideal due to the individual colour carts, are there any other choices i should be looking at?


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Well there is always 'refill yourself' ink kits.
I did it with my old Canon. It's works a few times but it can get messyif you're not vewy,vewy carefuw!


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yeah, seen the kits, but they don't match up to the cost of buying these "compatible ones" including chips and ink that have been done by a business that makes them by the thousand/millions!

also i found a german system for this particular printer, that has an external contianer with the inks and tubes running into the back of the printer, so you can just top up the colours in the external see-through box and have ink flowing continuously! now that was interesting, but i see some waste between container and printer in those long tubes :smiley: