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Discussion in 'Alias' started by aliasrocks, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. aliasrocks

    aliasrocks Rocket Ranger

    Jan 9, 2003
    You know that Season one of Alias is coming out on DVD on September 2. Wel does ayone know how much it'll cost? I'm guessing around 45.00$ because there will be many things on this DVD set.
  2. AliasALIAS

    AliasALIAS Guest

    The list price is $69.99, but if you order at Amazon.com, you get it for $52.49 (25% off) and free shipping. And by preordering through that link (or the link found at the top of each page), you also support AllAlias.com.
  3. Victoria King

    Victoria King Rocket Ranger

    Jan 21, 2003
    thats alot for a dvd but who cares in the name of alias!im buying it definatly!

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