Recent anomalies on Jupiter had been predicted...


There is a new book out that explains the recent anomalies on Jupiter (marks and flashes) from a different perspective. Have you noticed that the extreme odds of a significant collision on Jupiter happening have not been appreciated lately?

What I'm trying to say is that they have had to drastically alter the likelihood of occurrence of significant Jupiter collisions based on what they deem to be "impacts" in 1994, 2009, and 2010. 1994 is clear enough an impact event (SL-9), but the 3 others are NOT evident and there is actually MORE evidence to show they are INTERNALLY generated.

This author, J Edward Carper, had predicted such anomalous events starting back in 2003 and has been tracking all events since then to show that, indeed, something unusual is going on.

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Just for an example, did you know that the Jupiter "flashes" in 2010 were antipodal when observed in Jupiter L3 coordinates? What does this imply? Well, many professional observers remarked how the flashes did NOT look like impacts but LIGHTNING on the DAYSIDE of Jupiter. Extraordinary, but actually obvious.

Also, did you know that the Wesley Mark of 2009 did not have a halo mark, was observed spitting out matter for weeks while holding its position, and no incoming object was verified to have caused it? Just look at Theo Ramakers video of the event to see this.

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“…This dayside event would have to be unimaginably more powerful than any previous bolt we've seen. Even Jupiter doesn't produce lightning that big."
Glenn Orton of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), referring to the June 3, 2010 Jupiter flash.

What is Glenn saying? He’s saying this event, of course, looks like lightning, but IT IS SO MASSIVELY LARGE AND ENERGETIC, THEY CAN’T BRING THEMSELVES TO ADMIT THE OBVIOUS.

NOW, I urge you to consider that such an event has a clear explanation IF you consider the author’s premise that a FUSION REACTION has been started inside Jupiter and is ON-GOING, and is LARGE ENOUGH to send out a MASSIVE ELECTRICAL AND ANTIPODAL DISCHARGE at the surface of Jupiter. (antipodal because ANOTHER MASSIVE DISCHARGE occurred on August 20, 2010 on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THIS DISCHARGE, using L3 internal Jupiter rotation data).

This is ALL explained the book “The Philosopher’s Stone for the Transformation of Jupiter – Project Lucifer” at:
Jovian Transformation: Telltale Planetary Events Since 2009 5th, Carper, J Edward -

Make no mistake, this electrical discharge was INCREDIBLY POWERFUL and UNEXPLAINABLE unless you consider the author’s theory!
Yes absolutely right
The first transiting hot Jupiter, HD 209458 b, is much larger than can be accounted for by standard models of structure and evolution of gas giant planets. It has a radius nearly 30% larger than Jupiter.