Recycled Island proposal


Creative Writer

A huge tract of the Pacific has plastic floating just under the surface that we've chucked away over the last 50 years or so. Many plans are being thought up to deal with it, but this one from the Netherlands Architecture Fund.

Ship all the equipment out to the mass of plastic, recycle and build an island there on the spot! It's be stationed between Los Angeles and Hawaii apparently.

Interesting idea. Reaching it would be a pain I guess. But let's see who puts money into it and if by its very nature it accelerates the development of recycling technologies and changes peoples minds.

And hoping kids aren't throwing plastic into any seas near them in the hope it'll end up reaching Recycle Island as them "doing their bit"
Any estimates of cost available for such an endeavor? I can't imagine there would be much profit margin for any single corporation to take on the task and since it would be in international waters no single country could claim control of it.