Send Your Name To Pluto?

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An Old Friend
I was able to register My name and those of my loved ones on the "Send your name to a Comet" program for Temple 1.

Now New Horizons allows you to register your name to be included on a disk bound for Pluto

Nice additions to the Family Photo Album and Scrap Book

Each name Recieves a Registration Number

Thank you for joining the first mission to the last planet! A compact disc bearing your name will be included on the New Horizons spacecraft, set for the first voyage to a new class of planets on the solar system's farthest frontier.
Come with us as we complete the reconnaissance of the solar system and unlock the secrets of Pluto, its moon, Charon, and the Kuiper Belt.

Note: its Saturday and I noticed the New horizons links are no longer working
New Horizons Web Site
An unmanned Pluto-Kuiper Belt probe study. New Horizons, if approved, would launch
in 2006.

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