Horror So complete puter meltdown kids


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Jan 21, 2013
For those waiting on updates on the turnkey site software we have been working on, disaster we had a core dump on the server we have all been working on. Naturally being IT dudes and dudettes we had backups in triplicate .... not! So back to square one unfort.

Bright side is we learnt a whole bunch from the first attempt, CSS variables, OOP, MVC, etc so probably not a bad thing to restart the project.

Hank am working through your Alien website thing, you will be the first cab off the rank :) Have the menu system working for mobile devices and will add the full screen stuff this week. Dan is working through the login/registration stuff, pity we lost the framework there, but he reckons about a week of reconstruction.

A couple of things will go on hold this version, the theme engine is going to take a lot longer to recreate, we were only about a third of the way there anyways, and the multi language option can wait for version 2.

We aim to get out a full member system and quiz module this time round, and then add the messaging, calendar etc next version.

And yes we now have full automatic backups twice daily happening :banghead:
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