Solar Heated Spacesuits

Alexander Oliver Sen

Creator and Writer
I had an idea for one of my books, maybe someone could help me with it?

The idea was Spacesuits which have a special two-way material which could function as both insulation, on one side, and a heat absorber on the other. Sort of like a living plant, the suit could collect all the energy of the Solar radiation and use it for heating, cooling, and energy of the suit, while the suit material on the other side would only allow heat energy to travel in one direction, thus keeping the user insulated.

Are there any other stories with such a thing? And what are technical problems of such a suit? As I don't know much about engineering such a suit.


Creative Writer
Solar power only works when exposed to a suns rays. Inside a man made object, or on an objects dark side there would be major issues if there isn't a good battery onboard to store.

Of course, write a story with a suit like that and a battery and there could be an interesting point when attempting to hide from pursuers in a dark area, having the battery running low and rising tension as a result? Also a damaged battery. Did you see that recent film about the father in the hospital during a natural disaster using a generator to manually top up a virtually failed battery in life support unit? I think it was called, "Hours."

Alexander Oliver Sen

Creator and Writer
I was looking at Dava Newman's Biosuit and thought that suits could be cooler and have much more utility than modern designs. There are many new technologies that can be applied to suit designs now a days. There is heat, energy, and cooling, that the suit would need to do.