Space Station Movie-Night


An Old Friend
What follows, for your edification, is a compilation of the space station movie-night notes, excerpted from the logs, as set down by Cmdr. William (“Shep”) Shepherd:
19 NOV 2000:
Cranked up the laptop and we watch disk 1 of "Sixth Sense". We call it a night at about midnight ...
Finished disk 2 of "Sixth Sense" --nobody liked it. Yuri said he picked it as he thought it was the sequel to "Fifth Element". We let him off easy.
20 NOV 2000:
We call it a day and lay into the new load of chow from Progress. CD movie is "LA Confidential". We may have to watch this one several more times.
24 NOV 2000:
Watched disk 1 of "Apocalypse Now". Shep tried to explain why Robert Duvall is always wearing the black cavalry hat, but being a Navy guy, he's not sure he understands it either.
25 NOV 2000:
End of the workday. Disc 2 of Apocalypse Now. Found "Kurtz" .
28 NOV 2000:
Watched the 2nd CD of "Pulp Fiction" and called it a night.
11 DEC 2000:
Finished the day with some chow and disk 1 of "Private Ryan" (Yuri's choice).
13 DEC 2000:
Got to secure from the comm. gear about 2100 and watched the last disk of "Private Ryan".
15 DEC 2000:
Watched disk 2 of "Contact" and got on the laptops for email.
16 DEC 2000:
Finish the day with dinner and the last disk of "Contact".
19 DEC 2000:
Ate some dinner and watched disk #2 of "Lethal Weapon 3" (It's Lethal Weapon Week) although the disk kept crashing about 10 minutes from the end.
20 DEC 2000:
We secured for the evening and continued "Lethal Weapon Week" with first disk of LW #4.
22 DEC 2000:
Took the rest of the day off, watched the first half of "Blues Brothers", and got on the email.
23 DEC 2000:
Reconfigured the Wiener for the DVD drive set up after dinner and tried one of the DVD movies. This is definitely the way to go. Video and sound quality much improved over the CD-ROM disks. Only down-side for us is the network has to come down when the Wiener gets configured for DVD, but we figure for Saturday night, it's worth it.
28 DEC 2000:
Ate dinner and watched the first ½ of "Air Force One", then discussed some of the PAO events for tomorrow.
29 DEC 2000:
Let the real "Space Odyssey 2001" proceed.
31 DEC 2000:
Watched "The World Is Not Enough" and worked on tonight's log ...
2 JAN 2001:
Watched the last ½ of "2001" and called it a day.
3 JAN 2001:
Finished the day with the first disk of "2010". We note that the movie opens with a recounting of "Ship's Log" from the previous mission (2001).
5 JAN 2001:
Finished the 2nd disk of "2010". Something strange about watching a movie about a space expedition when you're actually on a space expedition.
6 JAN 2001:
Finished the day with more email and watched "The Rock".
9 JAN 2001:
We call it a day, get some chow, and watch the first part of "Catch 22".
10 JAN 2001:
Ate dinner and we finished watching "Catch 22".
12 JAN 2001:
We watched the last half of "In-Laws" with Peter Falk and got on the email.
13 JAN 2001:
Ate dinner and watched the first disk of "Dr. Strangelove."
16 JAN 2001:
Got the word that Atlantis is delayed several weeks. Lab delay is critical as we are running out of movies that we have not watched. We will have to start the shipboard routine where we turn the sound down and everyone mouths the words, cause we know them so well.
18 JAN 2001:
We watched the last ½ of "As Good As It Gets" and called it a day.
19 JAN 2001:
We all got some gym time, ate dinner and watched "Carlito's Way" with Russian subtitles. You have to watch some cops and robbers to see how much Russian there is that they never taught you in class.
22 JAN 2001:
We have dinner and watch the first part of "The Big Lebowski".
24 JAN 2001:
We eat dinner and watch the first part of "Used Cars".
25 JAN 2001:
We eat some dinner and watch the last of "Used Cars" (we are definitely down to the movies you can't even find at Blockbuster).
26 JAN 2001:
We eat dinner and watch "GI Jane". Lots of SEAL questions, and Shep explains why this is not exactly like the real SEAL training.
30 JAN 2001:
We watch the end of "End of Days" and regret that we did not roll it on New Year's Eve.
31 JAN 2001:
Finshed the day with some gym time, chow, and reel 1 of "Lion of the Desert".
1 FEB 2001:
We finish the day in the "sport-zal" and catch the early showing of "Tombstone" in the wardroom.
6 FEB 2001:
We ate some dinner and watched the last part of "City of Angels". Shep did his best to explain to Yuri and Sergei what the phrase "chick flick" means.
7 FEB 2001:
We get some chow and rig for movies. We watch "Full Metal Jacket". This has some of the finest "drill sergeant" scenes in moviedom.
8 FEB 2001:
We finish the day with some exercise, chow, and the last of the movies we have not seen yet. Tonight's selection-- "History of Navy SEALS". We think this is very appropriate, as we will probably soon have a use for the quote: "the only easy day was yesterday."
19 FEB 2001:
We are most certainly enjoying the DVD players-they are great! We are ready for movie night with the ground!
20 FEB 2001:
We have some dinner and watch part of "Frequency" (strange movie, although not as strange as "Usual Suspects" which we saw last night).
21 FEB 2001:
Movie tonight is the last ½ of "Frequency"-sort of a chick-flick, but it does get better at the end.
22 FEB 2001:
Tonight's movie-"The Green Mile".
24 FEB 2001:
We put some chow and the DVD player in the Soyuz and close the hatch about 0530. It takes 2 orbits to get the first set of hooks off and the docking tunnel pressure checked. We get the "Austin Powers" sequel in while all this is taking place. (Maybe a Soyuz first here).
1 MAR 2001:
We eat some dinner and watch about 40 min of "Hurricane".
2 MAR 2001:
We finish the day with chow and "Hurricane". The DVD players are awesome. Thanks again, guys!