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Greetings Comrades!

So, I have a new project coming up that I’m really excited about and wanted to share with you. We are producing along with some colleagues a small Independent Film called Traveling Through Life and I’ve lured an award winning director – Michael Bruggemeyer, who won the San Diego 48HrFilm Project (and his film had a special screening at the famous Canne Film Festival!). And we’ve cast some amazing actors, most with an impressive list of theater/TV roles, as well as Eliza Roberts, a Hollywood veteran of more than 50 films and TV shows (including Animal House and Dr. Who!)

Of course working with people of this caliber is not without it’s challenges, and thus, we are doing a promotional/fundraising campaign for the project. This is for production costs, actors, and for craft services (we kinda have to feed people if they’re working 8-10 hour days for us), but the crew (including myself) are just donating our time.

OK – so here’s what I’m asking you. Basically, our project is budgeted at $8,000; right now, we are just about on track to reach our fundraising goal (last I checked we were at about $5000). So we’re doing a ‘final stretch’ push to promote it as much as we can. First and foremost, I’m hoping you can click on our Kickstarter link, watch the pitch video, and “like” us on Facebook. We’re trying to get as many hits on those three things as possible, which makes our project more attractive to people who might be interested in donating.

Sure, if you can spare a few bucks to help out, that would be imminently appreciated as well. We even offer some ‘rewards’ for certain donation levels – signed scripts, ‘thank you’ mention in the credits, even producer credits (hey, in Hollywood, the money men/women get their name on the film, so this is no different!). And if you can’t donate, I totally understand and would appreciate anything you can do to send these links around to your friends. Again, any support you can offer – moral or otherwise – is met with a deep, heartfelt Thank You.

Traveling Through Life Synopsis:

Traveling Through Life is a human drama with sci-fi elements. It is about a boy, Michael and his relationship with his mother. Michael is growing up in an average every day suburban household but something is very wrong. Michael's mother is lying to him about something. She is holding back a dark secret, and it is that secret that will ultimately threaten their relationship, and ultimately - their world.

Kickstarter page (please click and watch our pitch video to help get as many ‘views’ as possible):

And we if you can spare the time, please watch our new update video with an even better look at our project and who we’re working with!

Facebook page (please ‘like’ us!):
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Here’s our film home page:


Matt Morgan, Creative Director
San Diego, California


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