Universe Image Creator


An Old Friend
Yes, Software
UIC is pretty Kool tho




An Old Friend
Diard Software, LLC – Creators of Software, Websites, and More…

Diard Software specializes in creating high-quality multimedia programs for you to enjoy at a low-cost. Our main products feature Universe Image Creator (UIC) which is available in a stand alone program or as a plug-in for graphic editing programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, and many others.

We believe in the shareware philosophy of trying out the software before purchasing it. In the stand alone UIC program, some of the features are disabled. In the UIC Plug-in, some of the features are enabled but others will place a "watermark" on your image requesting that you register. We hope that you will get an idea of how the program works and what it can do before you decide to purchase it.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you try out our software!


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Seems like it might be a fun toy to play with for $24.95 :cool: When I get home I'll have to check it out a little bit more.