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An Old Friend
Coops site linked me into this one, I didn't realise there were so many web-based games out there! This I must explore more! I have a feeling I am gravitating into a web-based gaming binge.
I am wondering if anyone else has explored this and did you get sucked in without hope of return?
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HoboWars is listed as #1
TrueHustler #2
VampireFreaks #3

I'm looking to explore SpaceFederation in this weeks #4 position.


Some of the web games out there are very good, some are dire lol. (same goes for most things in life I suppose) ;)

Some take some "reading" to learn the rules. But I play several these days on a regular basis. Also depends on your pocket. Some are free but watch out for the caviats.

All the best Coops.

P.S the site you refer to is a good source of info and listings of these style games.