What movies do you think are overrated?

Azhria Lilu

Prometheus is one that jumps straight to my mind. I was really looking forward to it, the trailers looked great, it had Michael Fassbender in it (bonus).. but it sucked... large. And then I found out it was a prequel to the Aliens films... meh meh meh!

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I think the godfathers are highly overrated (especially the first 2). Don't get me wrong, They are both good movies but very highly overrarted by the film buffs and movie critics. #gettingpaidtogivemoviesgoodreviews

A few others that I think are overrated, whilst still good movies and not bad in anyway but highly overrated

- Pulp fiction
- Titanic
- Inception (I get the movie) but I think it's downright overrated.
- A clockwork orange
- Twilight (the whole saga) (biggest pile of horseshit to grace any tv screen) <vent> full of moody moronic idiots, and vampires that can't make up their minds whether they want to be with <insert miserable person here> if cracked a smile, she/he/the whole cast would probably make the movie a little bearable but probably forfeit that because she acts like she is on crack, going through withdrawal when her "moody boyfriend" takes a time out, her dad is "always" worried and for some strange reason her mother is always on vacation lapping it up. </vent> Verdict: Horrible
- The hunger games