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    Jens email

    does anyone know how to get Jennifer Garner's email? I hear many people writing fan mail to her but I can never seem to find it. Can anyone help me?
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    Season 5 Syd's Baby

    no no no no. not irina. Sydney might of felt something for her at the end of the last episode but hello i mean you know irina's history. If its a gir, perhaps Nadia? but Francie is a good guess 2. If its a boy id go with um, William. Ha it would rock to see her name him Marshall
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    Former Gartan Addicts, #7 {SPOILERS}

    wow. ok pretty cool. well i cant wait 13 days.. its like taking 4 ever[B] :(
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    A Must Answered Question

    ok look. I have seem some interviews and gossip about Jennifer leaving ALIAS earlier then her contract which is 7 years and that this might be her last season. Is this true? :huh:
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    i got a question.... how do you get the picture to sho. i mean i got a picture but i never see it when i post or somthing like that.
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    Season 5 Countdown to Prophet 5

    u think that was exiting, its now sept. 16th meaning only 13 days left! YEA! :lol:
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    kinda wierd writing posts in a new site. i do have Xanga but its differant from here. I love Alias. I live in New York and i cant wait until sept. 29th. Its killing me![B][FONT=Courier][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue] :blush:
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    Any thoughts?

    :huh:I dont know why but i think a reason for Michael to leave could be Ben Affleck. I mean there is no reason for him to leave.
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