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    Any other AllAlias vets out there?

    Would love to reconnect :)
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    Aw yay. I :heart: them, Janet! I miss colorizations - glad you revived the thread, as it were. ^_^ Oh, and care to share your new method?
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    ^ Thanks! I know... Dean kills me in that scene. :cry:
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Thanks you guys. :hug: It sure has been a long time since I've made anything I liked haha... :hug:
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    LiveJournal Thread #4

    Mmmkay... So this is me sneaking back into the icon-making world... :lol: I have nowhere else to really post these till I get my site back up, so uh... excuse my shameless use of AA. ^_^ 19 Damon Albarn (and friends, of Blur) 2 Robert "Bob" Hardy (of Franz Ferdinand) 8 Eric "E" Murphy (Kevin...
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    My Art

    :jawdrop: Gor. Geous!!! Love love love. I may have to snag some of those icons. Do you have an LJ I can credit?
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    Gosh, that last one is my favorite. The colors you chose are beautiful!
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    doppelganger47 fan-artshow

    Oh my God. I love that piece SO much, Xinyi. :heart: :heart: Breathtaking.
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    doppelganger47 fan-artshow

    That first "random guy" sketch looks so much like Milo Ventimiglia to me. :) Lovely artwork as always hun.
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    ER Forum

    They repeat themselves a LOT. I enjoyed the first ep, but it was a tearjerker (for me anyway). Scary too. I'm glad it's a show and not a movie, and there can be resolutions later on... There wasn't much Neela/Ray action this ep tho, which kinda sucked. :P
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    doppelganger47 fan-artshow

    Lovely. :) I especially love your little comic there, with the boy - you're a great artist!
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    I can't believe this post exists - I completely forgot about it! lol. Anyway, so random, but here is a vector I did yesterday. I hate the nose... and the eyes... though the picture did have the dark circles. Meh whatev: Major points if you can tell who it is! :cool: Hint: he's an actor, and...
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    I also like the first one best - it's more contrasted/darker, and more distinct as a result, imo. BTW, I love the slanted lines at the bottom - is that a brush? I've seen similar things around the 'net and I feel like I'm missing out. :lol: Very pretty coloring, btw. I adoore the green!
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    Also, kindly do not spam the mods.
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    Alias Wallpapers

    Nice, Ethan! :yes: Now I'm really curious... what is the city where Rambaldi's legacy began? Was it revealed in S5?
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