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    Juno trailer

    It seems to be a classic movie: sth what can be marked as A+.
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    Juno trailer

    There's a "Juno" trailer on the offcial site: (choose "Juno" on the featured list) Ellen Page and Cera seem to be wounderful in this movie.
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    Vaughn - original concept?

    I heard that Vartan was totally a train wreck during the office shoot (he thought he will get fired). To make matters worse, he was asked to go to a meating. (He thought that this was it.) Fortunatelly they liked his acting (and saw good chemistry between Vartan's and Garner's characters).
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    "The Kingdom" - JG 2nd Film for 2007

    I also liked Jen's section + wallpapers for this film: it seems that she has a good role. The flash describing the History of Saudi Arabia was also interesting. I'm looking forward to her bio and also additional videos. PS! Her character looks so real: totally a forensics specialist with...
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    "The Kingdom" - JG 2nd Film for 2007

    Huge updates on The Kingdoms official webstie:
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    Season 5 song

    Song: Runaway Train Artist: Soul Asylum Label: Sony-BMG A video on youtube:
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    "The Kingdom" - JG 2nd Film for 2007

    There's a new (third) The Kingdom trailer on the officieal fansite:
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    Season 5 Series finale completely contradicts episode 4x16

    With Sloane saying everything wasn't just about immortality Sloane meant that he saw Rambaldi as something beyond eternal-life-thing: it was a religion, it was his way of life. And also about the life extension in the first season: 1. maybe Rambaldi gave him a liquid what only worked until his...
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    "The Kingdom" - JG 2nd Film for 2007

    There has been an update on the Kingdom's website. Not anything huge but they have put a nice picture (with Jen and Foxx on it) as a background:
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    Nocturne's Shadows

    Thanks! About chpt. 55 Nadia needs to think about other people too. And Weiss... Nadia can't always be in the centre of the world. The two need to grow up!!! Sydney has to escape from that institution, and even leave her friends who don't believe her. In my opinion a nice vocation by the...
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    Nocturne's Shadows

    Great update! Felt totally like an Alias episode. Still I didn't totally undersand what happened: did Nadia fell when runnig away from Sydney's room?... :blush: Seems like Nadia is evil...
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    Nocturne's Shadows

    It's nice to see that Nadia is "growing up". To Sydney: You have to help Megan escape, sth just dosen't feel right about her and the all hospital thing. She's kind of strange... but at the same time interesting. Maybe she truely has her darker story to tell... Thanks for update! :up:
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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    Hate to seem as a oldster but still we can say that time flies. Alias started 6 years ago and finished 1 year ago. I remember how I watched the last Alias episode today (1 year ago) from 6 AM to 7 AM. At the same time I feel how the past 11 years have passed in a flash. It seems so unreal that I...
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    Intel about "The Kingdom"
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    Season 4 Let's laugh together:)

    I totally understand you! Most probably they pasted the word/sentence into AltaVista translator and then used the receiveid word "in russian" on-screen. I truely doubt that they got any help from a Russian speaking citizen.
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