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    Season 5 So Much Violence

    i dont have mixed feelings about Nadias death i only have one thing to say ... KILL SLOANE, PLEASE!!
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    hottest person on alias

    I have to vote for SARK ... because he is the hottest one of them all .... and that he is only 21 in season 1... he is the wildest kid in the world!!
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    MAD magazine

    i found the MAD mag in a used books shop .. and bought it right away .... hehe pretty cool
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    Season 4 The Shock of Hallucinations

    if you listen to what jack says he mentions his wife irena by the name she had before she went back to russia and left him... so you know that he isn't in the present at the time he talks to dr. lidell
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    Season 4 Quotes

    first i have to thank “kellslawells” for the transcript... i just got the 4. Season last night and have been doing nothing until now but watch it! so after being freaked for about and hour. i am now calm again. Still in denial. But I’m fine ... I hadn't seen or read anything about the season...
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    Season 1 Episode Description

    when sydney goes there doesn't she go under the alias "elektra king" can't remember .. but i was watching james bond, the world is not enough.. and on of the girls is called that .. and i stumble a bit.. love saint lia
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    Is Will gay now?

    lol... i had the same though... when he said that .. i had to go back and check again... but ihow would will be gay i he both slept with Syd and fransi??... but you are right ... he must be talking about himself :lol: love from saint lia
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    Nice... can i come??... our is it a closed party?? - saint lia!! Nice... can i come??... our is it a closed party?? - saint lia!!
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    Thought I'd introduce myself

    hi loo... it is nice to meet danish ppl on this page... my name is saint lia... im from copenhagen... do you have season 4 ?? love from this saint ... :innocent:
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    hi there thought i had to explain why "after six" is my fav

    Hi there my name is Saint Lia :innocent: I think that "after six" has some of the best Lauren action, when she and Sark kills high ranking members of The Covenant, I especially like the part when she is on the phone with Vaughn at the same time as Sark is killing a Asian member of The...
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