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    HJ GameMaster Program

    Does anyone know if simu is going to have a booth this year at E3? If so and they only advertise Hero Engine like at GDC I think everyone will have a real answer on whether HJ will ever hit the shelves.
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    Who has seen the new Terminator?

    I just bought my tickets online for a show time today at 3. If you've seen it let me know what you thought.
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    Simu Rumor Mill

    Ahh a fellow Austinite, how are you doing sir?
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    What Do You Listen To?

    Sounds of the Rain Forest!
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    Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

    I'll be playing it for sure
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    Duke Nukem Forever- RIP

    Memories of the past obviously don't keep a company afloat. There is no money to be made with Duke anymore. Lets be honest though, this isn't the same as losing Mario or Sonic. I'd wager only 75% of even true gamers in the 90's actually played the game. It's sad to see any game company go...
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    Simu Rumor Mill

    Simu is so far behind the curve at this point they cannot keep up with other companies using Hero Engine like BioWare w/ TOR
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    Despite the potential problems it still sounds pretty good to me. I know for me cable companies in my area have been in a competition and 20-25 meg connections are going for free right now for bundled TV service.
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    2009 Release date poll

    I've been waiting and hearing about this game for YEARS now. Like most of you I first learned Simu was taking on this project when DR was still popular. First Concept art then screenshots... About every 3 months I've checked up on it just hoping for a release date but every time have been...
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    Whats it all about anyways?
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    Beta Fever (zOMg!!1!!2 I WaNt in BETa!!!1!!2)

    Anything ever come of this?