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    What will happen now???? please update soon again, I need more ASAP!
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    Slip Away

    I really like this story, will there be more??? What will happen????
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    Dark Angel In Disguise

    wow! will there be more?????
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    Fatal Attraction. . .

    what happed, you haven't updated for sooo long
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    please please please update and when and if you do send me a PM
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    A Burning Vengeance. . .

    very very good please send me a Pm when you update how will Sark and Sydney work together...
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    Simple Mission?

    MOOOORE please it is soo good PM please when you update
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    A Deadly Bride. . .

    What has happen under "all this time..." are they still together?
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    Fatal Attraction. . .

    oooh sooo good... PLease update soon I want more
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    Fatal Attraction. . .

    ooh man that was good! Why is Sark married to Lauren? WHY?! So what is Sydney going to do?... I'm waiting...
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    A Deadly Bride. . .

    This was a different story not like every one else. Very good and I hope you continue. Please PM me when you update, this story is soo good
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    Fatal Attraction. . .

    who is Sark's wife? Lauren or... anyway, this is so good, the best fic in a long time. please update this story. And soon
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    I agree soo very much
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    The Beautiful Letdown

    update... PM
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    please update. Let Sydney go after Sark, they are suppose to "wrok" with each other, as Sark says
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