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  • It is always good to hear from you. Thanks for your message. I too get frustrated with the mid-season finales, but it's worth the wait. I thought that maybe there would be a showdown between Merle and Daryl, but now I am not so sure. It would appear as though they will certainly need to team up to get out of there. We know that Merle has a major screw loose and that he has a mean streak, but do you think he might join Rick's group since the Governor has turned on him? It would also seem that Andrea will most likely have to spring into action to help Daryl and Merle escape. What are your thoughts?
    Hey, thanks for the message! Yes, I am really enjoying season 3 of TWD. It's amazing that many of the most powerful scenes don't involve any zombies at all. For instance, Lori's death scene from this season and from last season, the showdown in the bar involving Rick against Tony and Dave (while Hershel & Glenn looked on). Yeah, it's kind of hard to gauge what is happening between Carol and Daryl. I did figure she was alive though. Daryl is going to have to face off against his brother, Merle, at some point. Can't wait!
    Hey there, hope all is well with you. Are you getting geared up for season 3 of The Walking Dead? I am currently reading volume 7 in the comic book series. Did you ever get any copies of the books? Seen any good movies lately? My wife and I plan to catch The Avengers tomorrow. Should be good. Write back and let me know how you're doing.
    Hi The Master! Thanks for the welcome! :smiley: I look forward to contributing to all the sci-fi buzz.
    Yes, I finally manged to get back on my account!:tardis:
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