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  • I have to stop watching the news (or at least cut back severely). The news is almost always negative and it weighs heavily on my mind.
    Hello Paul! I left a message for you everywhere! I just want to make sure you get them! How are you doing? How is Anna? How is life treating you? Anyway, I sent you a message and I hope to hear from you soon! Take Care
    I reckon that although Merle seems aggressive and slightly deranged, on the inside he only wants the best for his little brother, and will fight for what he believes is right in the end. So following that... I think he'll want to join Rick's group, but Rick (for obvious reasons) won't want to let him join. Daryl will try to convince the others that Merle's a useful ally, but Rick won't have a bar of it, so he'll lock Merle up in a cell and keep him there, and possibly torture him/hurt him for what he did to Maggie and Glenn? Not sure, though.
    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the in-detail meeting of Daryl and Merle. And also what the Governor decides to do...!! What is with mid-season finales?? I hate them!!
    How are you enjoying Season 3 so far? I love it, although I'm weary of the relationship between Carol and Daryl... jealous old me!! Everything else is completely awesome though!
    hello i am glad you liked my star wars thread please read and vote on my site i read your its awesome.
    Doing great, thanks! Very excited for season 3 of WD!! Saw the Avengers recently, my friends and I cosplayed. Very awesome movie.
    Thxs u actionavenue for your feedback. 'IvCollectivisms II' is a favorite of mine, too ! the planets' drawing with grid i like the blend of colors with that one. at the moment im "into" purples blues and mauves.


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