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    Which Walking Dead Character are you?

    i took it and got T-dog for some weird reason.
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    AMC The Walking Dead Social Game

    I played it i like how you can play when rick was trapped in a tank and you can play the clearing of the prison yard.
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    Hello :)

    Welcome hope you enjoy this forum
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    Is Lori Really Dead?

    She is dead no doubt about it she is she was dead after she had the baby. Also why would carl lie and say i shot my mom she is dead and isnt coming back.
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    Banned from Private Messages?

    All members must have 5 posts in order to pm.
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    General Chat

    Ok guys time for me to go im gonna go spend time with my family if you need anything leave me a pm ill get back to it either later tonight or tomorrow night.
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    It will be removed after Christmas.
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    Would you have stayed at the CDC?

    Watching it now
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    Where would you go?

    Id stay right where im at ive got a pretty good location.
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    Webisode marathon!!

    No the thread is still in The Talking dead feel free to discuss all you want.
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    Special zombies.

    Nah i dont think there will zombies that are really special do i think there may be different zombies like runners and walkers yes i do.
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    Gaming Genres

    Then yeah i like those to
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    Gaming Genres

    oh like Napoleon Total war?
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    Horror The Crazies

    They have an original i thought the new one was the original.
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    Gaming Genres

    I play FPS and sports have no idea what an RTS is though.
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