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    Season 5 immortality?

    k this might be a stupid question....waht is immortality anyway... i mean how does it work? do the cells just keep regenerating themselves w/o the need for anything else? i mean cells need energy and nutrients to keep alive and make sure all the checks and balances how does this...
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    Season 5 CIA card's phone number

    hmm do they give u the number? i have to go see again...
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    Season 5 sark and the horizon?

    i think everyone knew what the endgame was...cause from the first season onward...sloane talks abt how rambaldi's greatest achievement was abt immortality.... i think sark didnt realise that sloane had already went through the procedure to get that immortality...
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    Season 5 Un-tied loose ends

    i was thinking abt that too...while watching another ep from 1st season where they are having a halloween party and shes dressed as alice....i was really hoping that they would work that angle in since they had so many of these references....but too late:( did we ever find out abt the files syd...
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    Season 5 React: All the Time In The World

    I agree with all the people that felt cheated out of the finale. Maybe I expected alot...I dont know. I loved alias because of the intricate details, plot lines, and surprises. All of which were missing in the finale. I could've come up with that plan...there was no shock factor...
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    Season 5 did you miss the episode?

    i know how rude! even us canadians cant watch it.
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    Season 5 Are they getting sloppy? spoilers!

    k most things mentioned i didnt even notice...(im not that perceptive) but this i agree was really stupid. they didnt even bother explaining how syd found him.
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    Season 5 prophecies?

    hmmm they discussed alot abt fate in this ep. i know they always do but especially in this one....w/ nadia's ghost and sloane. i think they might b implying that yes rambaldi was brilliant etc....u still have free will. when sloane talks abt how he had to do it (kill nadia...) and was meant...
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    Season 5 React: There's Only One Sydney Bristow

    Things i loved: Will in this ep..he was of the only thingsn that kept me going.....sadly its prolly the last time we will see him:( [btw what happened to his show...why did they cancel it?] I also loved the syd-dad scene in the beginning, very cute skit w/ the whole weapons...
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    Season 5 Countdown

    YA!!!! countdown to the show and WILL!!!! ONLY 5 more hours to go!!!!
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    Season 5 I am so sad!

    if i can get my bf to hook up my comp by tonight...i can record it and put it on my site if u want to download it from there...
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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    if it is someone we know....devlin does seem like a good candidate...he did sound a bit uneasy when spydaddy was ready to shoot someone.....maybe hes somehow related. or maybe it might not get resolved...if it does have nothing to do w/ the rest of the plot.....instead they might be trying to...
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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    hmm....the whole irina saying the truth takes time and things arent really getting to me. i was thinking...maybe she is working w/ the bad guys to get to the thing first and help end everything. maybe this thing is anohter rambaldi prophecy thing that hasnt been uncovered yet and...
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    Season 5 Sydney & Jack

    hmm...i agree....them and spymommy...and in a way sloane.
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    Season 5 React: Maternal Instinct

    I think its spy daddy and obviously has to be someone we already know.....