[CinVin] Gravatar Tweaks for XenForo 2

XenForo 2 [CinVin] Gravatar Tweaks for XenForo 2 1.0.2 A

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This add-on only does anything if you have "Enable Gravatar support" turned on; if you don't use Gravatar then you don't want this add-on.
This add-on for XenForo 2 is to enable additional options for Gravatar avatars.

Gravatar URL - Override the URL used to server the Gravatar images. By default with XF 2.x the URL is https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/ - Changing this value will change that to the URL of your choice. See this thread at the XF support forums for additional information about this option.

The options below are based on the official Gravatar documentation.

Gravatar Alternate Image Theme - If no primary Gravatar avatar is found for the user then you can select an alternate image to be returned.

Always use the Gravatar Alternate Image Theme - This is a neat little way of forcing the Gravatar Alternate Image Theme to be always used. If you are running a sci-fi site, for example, you could use the Robohash option to always have dynamic robot avatars generated.

Gravatar Rating - By default Gravatar will only return 'g' rated images that are suitable for all audience. This option allows you to override the rating to return more mature images. NOTE: This option, of course, only applies to the primary Gravatar image; the Gravatar Alternate Image Themes are all 'g' rated.
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