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XenForo 2 CinVin: Lazy Load YouTube Videos for Xenforo 2 1.0.4

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This is a small add-on that defers loading embedded YouTube videos until the user clicks on the play button.

A preview image is shown as a placeholder with the familiar YouTube 'play' button on top. The video is not loaded until the play button is clicked.

For threads with a lot of embedded YouTube videos, such as the "What are you listening to?" thread here at Alien Soup, this allows the thread to load faster and helps users browsing on slower internet connections and/or older devices.

Please note: On some browsers, such as Chrome for Android devices, the video will not auto-play after being clicked. It will load after clicking the 'play' button but the user must then click the 'play' button of the newly loaded video. This is a restriction of the browser and can not be overridden.

Lazy Load YouTube in Addons.PNG
Lazy Load YouTube Page Load.PNG
Lazy Load YouTube Playing.PNG
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