1. Kevin

    Computers Connecting a 5.25" floppy drive to a modern laptop?

    I find myself working on a little project that I never thought I'd be doing.... trying to save data off of a large volume of 5.25" floppy disks! :eek: Mrs. Kevin and her Dad both have data on several old computers that they'd like to recover. The oldest computer is a 286 AT! Yikes. If they...
  2. Kevin

    Too old to be a yuppie?

    So, I was having a conversation with somebody and it came up that I said I might be turning into a yuppie because I was looking at spending a decent amount of money but a really nice leather sleeve (expensive but stylish & functional) for my laptop. The response? That I was "too old to be a...
  3. Kevin

    Computers How To: Disable Flash Plugin in Chrome

    For those who really hate Adobe Flash you may also want to turn it off in the Google Chrome browser. Here's how (it's actually really simple :P).... In your browser bar type in "chome://plugins" and you'll see a list of all of the Chrome plugins. Find the listing for "Adobe Flash Player" and...
  4. Kevin

    Computers Windows 10

    Is anybody looking forward to Windows 10? I am a long term Windows user, going all the way back to Windows 1.0 (yes, I am that old :P). Currently I am at Windows 7 on the home laptop and... I really don't have any urge to upgrade at the moment. If there was a decent FTP app like FileZilla...
  5. Kevin

    Computers What is the 'killer app' for an iPad?

    I've been an ardent Android fan for a few years now but have recently been given an iPad 2 (1st gen) after a family member upgraded to one of the new iPad Air models (thanks, Brian! :D). So far my reaction is a bit mixed. I can see it being a real nice unit for reading ebooks, especially...
  6. A

    Computers PC vs Mac

    Which one is the better computer
  7. Robby

    Mobile What is your smartphone of choice?

    iPhone or Droid iPhone or Droid (Via XKCD, a webcomic of romance and math humor)