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Mar 20, 2004
Lately I've been slowly (really, really slowly) getting back into watching movies & TV shows and there's a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to watch. One of the items is 6 Underground on Netflix.

Supposedly Netflix is looking possibly making 6 Underground a franchise title for them with more movies set in the same verse based on how well the this one does with their customers. Directed & produced by Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds it is a big budget action film.

Unfortunately the "Michael Bay" look & feel of this movie is also its biggest weakness.

If you've seen any of Bay's Transformers movies then you've basically seen most of the action sequences of this movie. Swap the giant robots for humans and the action sequences between the movies would be interchangeable; heck, the sound effects in 6 Underground are, I'm 99.99% positive, are the exact same sound clips used in Transformers. The only difference is that instead of having robots being violently mangled in graphic detail the humans are instead being shown violently being tossed about & killed in graphic detail.

What saves it as being an OK popcorn movie is Ryan Reynolds. But, if we're going to be honest here, it's Reynolds still playing Deadpool just without the mutant power or costumes. And it's not only Reynolds playing Deadpool, it's Reynolds playing Deadpool from Deadpool 2 with the creation of X-Force The Ghosts.

So picture if you will a Michael Bay mashup of Transformers and Deadpool but with no robots or mutants and there you have it, 6 Underground.

OK, snark aside, the basic premise of the movie is sound enough: A self-made tech billionaire with connections to US military special forces experiences an event that forces him to rethink his purpose in life leading him create a team of ghosts, highly trained mercenaries who the world thinks are all dead, with the mission of eliminating targets that are responsible for spreading fear & terror around the globe.

With the sound system on at the house and some snacks & iced tea it was a perfectly acceptable 'popcorn' movie and, yes, I'd watch any sequels if they make them. If you ask me a year from now though about "6 Underground" you may need to refresh my memory a bit about what movie exactly it was.

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