A practical problem with Holodecks...

We all know from DS9 for sure that it was certainly possible to have 'physical relations' with the holograms... this was accepted behavior... But real matter just drops to the floor when the holo-matter disappears between running programs... seems like those floors would get messy in a hurry... who do you think had to clean that? Worst duty to pull on the Enterprise? :eek:


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hmm, touching close to the wire there!

Yes, I can see how playing leisure sports in the holodeck, and then when you perspire, the sweat shaking off you onto another character in there, or the scenery, then when it is switched off it should fall to the floor? To thoroughly clean the room, they would need to use detergents, and those would need to have no smell to avoid the room smelling of cleaner when successive people enter it. The last thing you want to be smelling in a waterfall scene in the tropics is "alpine fresh".

I think we can make a comparison to our current ISS and how they manage excess sweat, skin and other particles. Do the new crews open the airlock whilst holding their noses? And going back to your original point, the water reclamation/drinking system on board the ISS needs thinking about, as in what exactly is getting into it. Or maybe we should avoid nightmares and never,ever, look into how waste reclamation works :smiley:


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I'm going with a self-cleaning option. :smiley: First a bio cleaning to kill any living organisms (including bacteria, etc.) followed by chemical or foam cleaning to sanitize all surfaces (like those self-cleaning public bathroom stalls in some major cities).