1. Captain Mutant

    Sci-Fi LEGO Toy Concept

    Hello everyone I'm new here so I hope I'm not doing something I shouldn't be doing... :) I've been a huge sci-fi fan since I was 7, growing up on Star Trek reruns (TOS, when there was no need to call it TOS ;) My appetite has grown since then and enjoy many varied adventures. One thing I did as...
  2. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Legion (FX, 2017-)

    Legion on FX has been renewed for a third season. The first season was more action oriented while the current season is more towards episodes that dwell into human behavior. It's one of the strangest shows on TV though with some good music. David Haller is a troubled young man who was...
  3. Anthony G Williams

    Sci-Fi The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams

    The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is the confusion surrounding exactly what it is, due to the haphazard way it was developed. The author was famously disorganised to the despair of his publishers...
  4. Lost in Space - Resolute

    Lost in Space - Resolute

    The Resolute mothership from the Netflix "Lost in Space" reboot
  5. M

    water ghost

    USO history From thousands of years ago aliens are visiting our earth. We have named their spaceship as UFO. UFO stands for Unidentified flying object. But as same as flying in the sky, they are also skilled in driving into water of different seas and oceans. The alien spaceships whose are...
  6. Tom

    Sci-Fi Forbidden Planet Remake Franchise

    Last I read the Forbidden Planet remake was in Development Hell. I loved the movie. Always wanted to see an updated version. It seems that just isn't going to happen. Forbidden Planet - Trailer Forbidden Planet (1956) - IMDb Forbidden Planet - Wikipedia In the 23rd century, starship C-57D...
  7. 11loveswaffles

    Sci-Fi The Crossing (ABC)

    THE CROSSING. he loves it.
  8. AndreaRicca

    Sci-Fi Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Short Movies, with 3D CGI VFX special effects, with over 30 million views on YOUTUBE with international reviews.

    Andrea Ricca, sociologist, is an independent Italian director who, since 1998, when he specializes in 3D graphics (CGI), makes Sci-Fi, Horror & Fantasy Short Movies, with 3D CGI VFX special effects, with over 30 million views on YOUTUBE with international reviews such as STARBURST MAGAZINE...
  9. Kevin

    XBox Star Wars games for X-Box One (Microsoft)

    Well, it might be time for me to swap my X-Box 360 for an X-Box One. I am very much a casual gamer; with the exception of Gears of War (after my Mom's death, I went through GOW3 nearly non-stop till I finished; it was actually therapeutic :coffee:) I prefer older games. Not necessarily simpler...
  10. Anthony G Williams

    Sci-Fi Lost Mars, edited by Mike Ashley

    Lost Mars, edited by Mike Ashley This anthology is subtitled "The Golden Age of the Red Planet" and is a companion volume to the British Library's Moonrise, reviewed in my previous post. Like that book, this one includes some of the more interesting but largely forgotten SF of the past, and...
  11. Anthony G Williams

    Sci-Fi Moonrise, edited by Mike Ashley

    Moonrise, edited by Mike Ashley This anthology is subtitled "The Golden Age of Lunar Adventures" and is the first, along with Lost Mars (watch this space), to be published in the British Library's Science Fiction Classicsseries. The publishers have kindly sent me copies to review, but frankly I...
  12. nytebyte

    Synstasis, a cyberpunk RPG we've been working on is now on Steam

    Hi everyone, my team and I have been working on the demo of a cyberpunk RPG called Synstasis. It's just been released on Steam and I wanted to share a link with you all: Synstasis on Steam Hope you enjoy it :)
  13. Jethro

    Horror Annihilation (2018) (10/10)

    "It's not destroying... It's making something new" - Lena Lena's military husband Kane has been missing for about a year and she is not over the dude, which is kind of ironic if you have seen the movie. Anyways she is planning a rock hard weekend of painting the bedroom when who should show up...
  14. Tom

    Sci-Fi Mortal Engines (2018)

    Mortal Engines (2018) Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi|14 December 2018 (USA) Many years after the "Sixty Minute War," cities survive a now desolate Earth by moving around on giant wheels attacking and devouring smaller towns to replenish...
  15. Tom

    Sci-Fi Annihilation (2018)

    Annihilation (2018) R| 1h 55min |Adventure, Drama, Fantasy|23 February 2018 (USA) A biologist's husband disappears. She puts her name forward for an...
  16. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Mute (Netflix, 2018)

    Set in Berlin, Germany, in the year 2052 Mute is the story of a repatriated mute Amish man searching for his missing girlfriend. Directed by Duncan Jones, Mute stars Alexander Skarsgรฅrd as the main character with Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux. This was an interesting movie because even though it...
  17. Kevin

    Fantasy The Dark Tower (2017)

    Based on the Stephen King series by the same name, The Dark Tower is a 2017 movie starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger devoted to protecting the Dark Tower from being destroyed by Walter Padick, played by Matthew McConaughey. The Dark Tower is a structure that exists...
  18. Kevin

    Sci-Fi Altered Carbon (Netflix)

    Altered Carbon is a new Netflix series that dropped a few weeks ago and is based on a 2002 novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan. Set in an alternate future in year 2384 humans are able to easily move their consciousness between bodies using "stacks", devices inserted at the back of the...
  19. Where Have All the People Gone? (1974)

    Where Have All the People Gone? (1974)

    Family on a camping trip return to their home in Los Angeles and find everyone has been turned into white powder.
  20. Tom

    Sci-Fi SciFi to Science: Floating 3d Images, Not Holograms

    Better than a hologram: Research produces 3-D images floating in 'thin air': Nature study outlines method to make the images of science fiction Nature study outlines method to make the images of science fiction Date: January 24, 2018 Source: Brigham Young University Summary: In the original Star...
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