1. Cowboy Bebop (1998)

    Sci-Fi Cowboy Bebop (1998)

    Title: Cowboy Bebop Genre: Action & Adventure, Animation, Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Creator: Shinichiro Watanabe Cast: Koichi Yamadera, Unsho Ishizuka, Megumi Hayashibara, Aoi Tada First aired: 1998-04-03 Overview: In 2071, roughly fifty years after an accident with a...
  2. Quincy Kelley

    Horror Fictional sequel: Not Like Us

    It was supposed to be a quiet night in a small town in the Mountain West, but there was a small cabin where a mysterious and suspicious activity was taking place....
  3. Freaks (2019)

    Sci-Fi Freaks (2019)

    Title: Freaks Tagline: They look just like us Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller, Drama, Mystery Director: Zach Lipovsky, Adam B. Stein Cast: Emile Hirsch, Bruce Dern, Grace Park, Amanda Crew, Lexy Kolker, Ava Telek, Michelle Harrison, Matty Finochio, Aleks Paunovic, R. J...
  4. Cowboy Bebop (2021)

    Sci-Fi Cowboy Bebop (2021)

    Title: Cowboy Bebop Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Crime First aired: 2021-11-19 Creator: André Nemec Cast: John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, Elena Satine, Alex Hassell Overview: A ragtag crew of bounty hunters chases down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals...
  5. Galacticfish


    by Mike Fisher The Book Bag was my internet provider and Starlog magazine was my sci-fi web site decades before the all-knowing internet became a fixture in all our lives. You needed to know how to make an amaretto cheesecake? Or which dog breed is the dumbest? Or when the next sci-fi movie is...
  6. R. Cruadaolich

    Sci-Fi Help - Forgot the name of the greatest Sci-Fi book I ever read!

    Can't recall the name of the greatest sci-fi book I ever read. I read it in Asia in 1989. Probably an American author; Takes place largely in NYC in early 21st century. Heroes are an authentic rock and roll band who insist on creating their own music even though "The Charts" are dominated by...
  7. Space Cowboy Books

    Interview and Sci-Fi Reading with F.J. Bergmann & Andy Dibble

    Saturday Sept. 12th 1pm PST Free online event with Writers of the Future Winners F.J. Bergmann & Andy Dibble Science Fiction reading followed by an interview and Q&A Register Here:
  8. Captain Mutant

    LEGO Ideas sci-fi project needs help

    Hello all. I haven’t asked in a while, but I thought if I were to ask again, now’s the perfect opportunity. I created a space outpost out of LEGO bricks and posted it on LEGO Ideas, a site where people submit their designs and if enough add their support to it, LEGO designers will look at it...
  9. L

    Sci-Fi We need another space show

    Series or movie franchise with space ships and great music again. We need a third alternative to Trek and Wars. The two are done by the same guy for goodness sakes. I wonder how many people are sitting on their own sci-fi space opera universes with at least dozen or more stories to fit it and...
  10. C

    Sci-Fi The Royal Manticoran Navy- Honorverse Book

    Hello everyone, I am trying to get people interested in the Honorverse of David Weber for a number of reasons. 1) Science Fiction exists to expand our imaginations, and create new worlds for us to explore. 2) The Royal Manticoran Navy Fan Association is a group of individuals dedicated to...
  11. DivingFaces

    Sci-Fi LEGO IDEAS - Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND LEGO IDEAS - Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Any support would be greatly appreciated. You can support this creation at the following link - SUPPORT HERE ! With enough Support this could become a REAL LEGO set. Please feel free to share...
  12. A

    Sci-Fi Limited time free Sci Fi books—Starspire Hemisphere and Rewind—by a new South African author

    Both books free effective from 12:00AM 30 December (PST) to 3 January 2020. Starspire Hemisphere Millennia have passed since a global cataclysm changed the face of the world as humankind once knew it. Forced to retreat to a narrow habitable band at the equator, humanity has finally recovered...
  13. K

    Sci-Fi Famous scientist writes a sci-fi book!

    So I’ve been following this one physicist’s actual research for a while. Really fascinating work.. but then I find out he’s written a sci-fi book. You guys, being a science geek and a sci-fi lover it was a super amazing find! The character development is crazy good and the ending is epic. I hear...
  14. C

    Sci-Fi shameless plugging

    Hi, I've just completed a quadrilogy on amazon kindle. available for download as ebook or paperback. I'm not asking anyone to rush out with their hard earned cash but, if you can, I'd like a few people to use the look inside for a brief look. The original idea is about a couple of young men who...
  15. E

    Sci-Fi Bipedal Robots as Human Sidekicks

    OK, sidekicks is generic for (in the future) when it is possible to hire or buy a walking talking Bot. When these are available (IMO they will be by say 2050) they will have many uses say housework, talking companions, CareBots, go shopping and stuff. I am wondering if there will be a new Human...
  16. J

    Sci-Fi Need a movie title

    I’m trying to find a movie I watched in the 60’s or 70’s. It was about tiny aliens, humans needed special glasses to see them. There was an underground scene, maybe a cave where they were trying to escape. I don’t remember much else other than some humans were secretly trying to help them. Anyone?
  17. M

    Sci-Fi Here's a Sci-Fi Kick!!

    I found this great sci-fi two ebook combination: an award winning "NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!!" and "Beyond Soylent Green 2050" which has a collection of 5 star editorial reviews, the combo for $4.99, on Amazon, here NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!! - Kindle edition by...
  18. throughscifipod

    Sci-Fi New Sci Fi Film Podcast - Journey Through Sci-Fi

    Hi all, We've just started a new podcast looking at Sci-Fi films. Each series we are going to be looking a different sub-genre of Sci-Fi in film. This series we are looking at artificial intelligence and exploring how ideas and views on A.I. have changed over the years. We are up on most...
  19. M

    Sci-Fi Are you imaginative?

    Hello. im feature director in fashion magazine from South Korea. We're writing an interesting article and we find out someone who imaginative writer. For example, "blood and electricity that keeps people and machines alive. The correlation between these two." Why do you have only one penis?"...
  20. 7

    Sci-Fi Victorian War of the Worlds

    I've just come across this. If you like War of the Worlds, have a look!