1. C

    Sci-Fi shameless plugging

    Hi, I've just completed a quadrilogy on amazon kindle. available for download as ebook or paperback. I'm not asking anyone to rush out with their hard earned cash but, if you can, I'd like a few people to use the look inside for a brief look. The original idea is about a couple of young men who...
  2. E

    Sci-Fi Bipedal Robots as Human Sidekicks

    OK, sidekicks is generic for (in the future) when it is possible to hire or buy a walking talking Bot. When these are available (IMO they will be by say 2050) they will have many uses say housework, talking companions, CareBots, go shopping and stuff. I am wondering if there will be a new Human...
  3. J

    Sci-Fi Need a movie title

    Iโ€™m trying to find a movie I watched in the 60โ€™s or 70โ€™s. It was about tiny aliens, humans needed special glasses to see them. There was an underground scene, maybe a cave where they were trying to escape. I donโ€™t remember much else other than some humans were secretly trying to help them. Anyone?
  4. M

    Sci-Fi Here's a Sci-Fi Kick!!

    I found this great sci-fi two ebook combination: an award winning "NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!!" and "Beyond Soylent Green 2050" which has a collection of 5 star editorial reviews, the combo for $4.99, on Amazon, here NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!! - Kindle edition by...
  5. Spacecadet11

    Sci-Fi "Alita Battle Angel"

    Hello. I am not sure if a lot of people have seen a movie I have seen recently. It came out awhile ago now. It's called an "Alita Battle Angel." This is a Fantastic movie. Stellar. Feel free to respond if you have seen it and have any opinions about it. The trailer:
  6. throughscifipod

    Sci-Fi New Sci Fi Film Podcast - Journey Through Sci-Fi

    Hi all, We've just started a new podcast looking at Sci-Fi films. Each series we are going to be looking a different sub-genre of Sci-Fi in film. This series we are looking at artificial intelligence and exploring how ideas and views on A.I. have changed over the years. We are up on most...
  7. M

    Sci-Fi Are you imaginative?

    Hello. im feature director in fashion magazine from South Korea. We're writing an interesting article and we find out someone who imaginative writer. For example, "blood and electricity that keeps people and machines alive. The correlation between these two." Why do you have only one penis?"...
  8. 7

    Sci-Fi Victorian War of the Worlds

    I've just come across this. If you like War of the Worlds, have a look!
  9. M

    Sci-Fi New Sci-Fi novel "Beyond Soylent Green 2050" launches with five star reviews from critics.

    New sci-fi novel "Beyond Soylent Green 2050" launches with five, five star editorial reviews. Predicting the future in stark terms, critics comment, โ€œThis is a great book, the narration, sharp, witty, powerful; the prose captivating, surreal brilliance, prophetic, frighteningly possible; every...
  10. C

    Sci-Fi Wheres the next big sci fi movie??

    When will we like in 77 have a hit sci fi film that's original and becomes a phenomenon???
  11. C

    Sci-Fi picard series

    D o you think picard all access series will be a hit or miss??
  12. Kevin

    Sci-Fi I am Mother (2019, Netflix)

    I am Mother is another film Netflix picked up at Sundance and will be premiering this year on June 7. In a post apocalyptic world AI machines care for the only surviving embryos of mankind. As they raise a girl to adulthood, in preparation of bringing back humans to a devastated world, a woman...
  13. screenersam

    Sci-Fi Wandering Earth (2019) [Netflix]

    chinese blockbuster 'Wandering Earth' hits netflix What If Netflix Released a $700 Million Blockbuster and No One Noticed? Oh Wait, It Just Did doom porn can't be much worse than our stuff trailer: they seem to have spent serious money on it
  14. S

    Seeking feedback on my baby, "THE 1K"

    Hey, guys. Newbie to the site, here. To be honest, I joined because I'm looking for other sci-fi fans who might enjoy an original space adventure I'm writing called "The 1K" ((working title for now. May change it later.)) It is in the first round of edits, and will undergo a few more rounds -...
  15. Z

    Can I post the first chapter of my sci-fi novel to promote it here?

    The name of my novel is "The Chronicles of the Yakki Double Planet: a human translation". It is available on Kindle. There is only the first chapter in that book now, so please don't buy it until all its chapters are translated. Can I post the first chapter to promote my novel here?
  16. B

    Horror Hi Guys and girls, im making a sci fi horror (space opera) series with Dolls !!!!!

    I would like to know if it is ok to share it here with you. Im kind of new to this forum etiquete and in internet in general and i dont know how to avoid the idea of spam. I just want to share it because i love it and i think most horror sci fi lovers might like it too. I live in a very small...
  17. B


    Hi guys and Girls! Im Sharing some of my sci fi work through my channel. Subscribe if you will, I will be adding Stuff regularly, from movies to stories All Original Content! hope you enjoy, help me build my channel ! Peace!
  18. julirew

    Terra! Tara! Terror! anthology

    Third Flatiron presents "Terra! Tara! Terror!" a new anthology of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and humor short stories. Twenty-seven international authors give free rein to their imaginations to explore speculative fiction themes ranging from the #MeToo political movement, magical realism...
  19. Shatner121

    Sci-Fi Star Plunge is a trilogy!

    Currently working on the third episode of Star Plunge!! Check out episode 1 & 2 on Youtube !!
  20. The Arrival (Charlie Sheen, 1996)

    The Arrival (Charlie Sheen, 1996)

    Promo art for the 1996 movie, The Arrival, with Charlie Sheen.
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