Feedback A proper Multi-Quote image?

So there's cool graphics for everything but the default "Multi" quote image in the middle is very out of place... Shouldn't be hard to replace this with an image that looks like the "EDIT" image but instead say "MULTI" on it so it fits in with everything.

If you don't have time would you be interested if I just made it? Do you know what font was used by chance or have a blank button image anywhere? If not I could still do it but it would be easier with this ifo.

Offer is good anytime.


Edit- it would be 2 images, multiquote_off and multiquote_on.
ah, Kevin not seen this then? I was away on holiday but saw the feed mentioning this on my phone.
I don't know? Maybe he likes it the way it is? This is the other version BTW, I thought I uploaded both... but the second image keeps bugging out when I try to upload :(

Here is a link instead

BOP5, thank you and looking good! :cool: (I saw the title of this thread earlier but didn't have a chance to take a look inside it.)

To give some background... our current style was developed by Nikolas at and he did a great job with it. The original PSD files that he designed allow me to change some elements but, alas, the postbit buttons were not layered and are in the PSD as flat images so there is no easy way to edit them (even the text is flat & not layered).

What kind of problem are you having with the upload? Some issues cropped up yesterday with attachments (stupid Admin mistake).
When I press the "Upload" button to upload an image I've chosen I get returned to the Upload Manager pop-up with the following text on top:

Upload Errors
You have already attached this file in thread : A proper Multi-Quote image?
But I've changed the file name 4 times, I'm sure I never uploaded a file with that name...

It was no big deal I simply uploaded the image to my own server and linked it here...
Any other image seems to work fine, just ones with 'multiquote' in the name seem to bug out for me.