A publisher at last!

I'm still getting used to the idea that Hallmark Press are getting to work on publishing the sequel to my original book, Out of Time, (Amazon.com: Out Of Time (9781425959951): Patrick G. Cox: Books) the story of three young men ripped from the deck of a Royal Navy '74' in 1804 and plunged into a battle in the stars in 2204. The sequel is entitled "The enemy is within!" and follows the further adventures of the older pair of the trio as they get to grips with new technology, new knowledge and a new enemy.

For all their new environment, Harry and Ferghal are very much the product of their age and the Navy that turned them from boys into men - and sometimes their enemies get a shock when they revert to the way they were taught to deal with an attack .....

The book should be in print early in November. I'd be delighted to hear what any readers here think and whether they have enjoyed it.
As they say in Russia: "MALADYETS!" (Good for you!) Or should I say "GOOD SHOW!"?

That's great news, and I'm very happy for you, Patrick. Best wishes for success.
Thanks both. The Editor starts on it next week, the artist is busy for the cover and marketing are assembling their strategy. Its all a bit unreal so far.
Book signings I can deal with - Groupies I'm not sure about .... Life is complicated enough at present. I rather like the Roman idea of placing a slave in the chariot carrying the hero in the "Triumph" to whisper in his ear that laurels fade. Still, I suppose I could get used to having the sort of wealth a certain JKR has acquired!