1. R

    The lost fleet by Jack Campbell

    Does anyone know when they are going to make a movie about the book The lost fleet ~ Jack Campbell heard they were going to shoot a movie soon , this is my favorite SciFi book of all time , who else is with me
  2. RobertLCollins

    Fantasy My Fantasy Novels

    I’m starting up this thread to post when I have new fantasy novels out, as opposed to the series that I’ve released or will be releasing. I’m also going to post about what fantasy works I already have out. First up is one I’ve had out a while, The Fateful Lightning: Owen Brown has followed his...
  3. julirew

    Sci-Fi "Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses" anthology

    World got you down? Third Flatiron has published its Summer 2020 anthology, "Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses," with 20 short SFFH stories with a positive outlook. And the price is right: if you order the ebook at Smashwords, you can set your own (even #free).
  4. S

    The Baddest Book in History by Joey Vimsante

    Read this enjoyable book about a genius being born who takes society forward multiple generations. due to her genius. The Baddest Book in History by Joey Vimsante A dystopian satire, looking at a world impacted by a great prodigy Sheprofsiah. She was a genius who altered a planet with...
  5. RobertLCollins

    Fantasy The Witch Queen

    Last year I started publishing a fantasy series, “The Witch Queen.” I’ll be putting out the last books in the series soon. Here are the first two books: Young Maisy - Maisy is a common village girl. One day an incident with two other girls drives her into the wilderness where she encounters a...
  6. kbemms

    What Are The Best New SciFi Books Of 2020 (So Far)

    The 20 Best Science Fiction Novels of 2020 The 20 Best Science Fiction Novels of 2020 Updated 4/30/2020 13 min read Between Covid-19, techie billionaires running the world and the general decline of western civilization some might argue this is no time to have our...
  7. RobertLCollins

    Sci-Fi Space Hero Emma Tiffany

    I have a new novel out: Emma Tiffany is not having a good time these days. Her mother is a famed law enforcement office in the new Interstellar Alliance of Independent Worlds. Emma would like NOT to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Then she comes to the rescue of a woman she met in a bar...
  8. julirew

    Sci-Fi Third Flatiron Best of 2019

    New! For the SF, Fantasy, and Horror fan, "Third Flatiron's Best of 2019": Third Flatiron is eager to offer this international sampler of original stories by new and established authors, our Best of 2019. Authors include Tom Pappalardo, J. D. Blackrose...
  9. returntojetstream3000

    Request Your Assistance with some Philip K. Dick

    On a fateful birthday about a decade ago, I was going to invest in a gift to myself and get the Library of America three-volume P. K. Dick collection. I had only read A Scanner Darkly at that time. I didn't get the set, and now a decade later I've still ONLY read Dick's A Scanner Darkly. Time's...
  10. WilliamDickey

    Sci-Fi Mutant Beast Hunter

    Check out my new post-apocalyptic novel and forgive this shameless plug. Mutant Beast Hunter – now available on amazon (ebook, paperback, and kindle unlimited) Robot Check It began with what was to be the cure to all of life’s ails, a bio-engineered virus that could reprogram the DNA of any...
  11. julirew

    Sci-Fi Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity

    How much time do we really have? Could immortality became a curse? Does the Grim Reaper need a replacement? Ideas ranging from dark to playful are explored in "Infinite Lives: Short Tales of Longevity," the new anthology from Third Flatiron. Our...
  12. M

    Sci-Fi Here's a Sci-Fi Kick!!

    I found this great sci-fi two ebook combination: an award winning "NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!!" and "Beyond Soylent Green 2050" which has a collection of 5 star editorial reviews, the combo for $4.99, on Amazon, here NASA's 1st Mission to Mars - For What?!!! - Kindle edition by...
  13. J

    No idea

    Hi Guys, I read this book probably in the 90s, written by an American reporter whereby a European guy (can't remember if Polish or Hungarian or similar) had lost one arm but took pictures with his camera and rumour spread (because of the pictures) that he had been visited by aliens, a very...
  14. Roman Lando

    Sci-Fi Read my book and tell me if it's any good! Posting chapters live, feedback welcome!

    I'm writing my first sci-fi technothriller novel. After reading countless books written by others I have decided to try writing one. I'm having immense fun, but I'd like people to read it and tell me if it's any good. I'm usually pretty good in evaluating book quality, but to my surprise it...
  15. julirew

    Sci-Fi New space opera: The Unwinding: Gin's Story

    A woman is shunted through space and time as two universes go to war. "A sci-fi romp that's vast in scope yet thoroughly playful." --Kirkus Reviews Now available in ebook and paperback The Unwinding: Gin's Story eBook: Juliana Rew, Keely Rew: Kindle Store
  16. RobertLCollins

    Sci-Fi Tradecraft

    I have a new science fiction novel out: Tradecraft: Theft Central Station is a gathering place for the artists, merchants, and politicians of the Galactic League. Aliens come from all over the galaxy to exchange ideas and resolve disputes. On the minds of all at Central Station are attacks on...
  17. VaroBear

    Fantasy Chronicles of Koiné, Vol. I: The Five Breeds

    I just published my first novel out of a saga of seven books already planned. You can start reading its first two chapters for free here: Chronicles of Koiné, Vol. I: The Five Breeds. If you like it, please help me keep writing by purchasing a copy, either of its eBook or Paperback version. ;)...
  18. Kevin

    Books Microsoft closes their e-Books store, removes access to already purchased books

    My only question is.... Microsoft had an e-book store?! :unsure:
  19. Anthony G Williams

    Sci-Fi Lost Mars, edited by Mike Ashley

    Lost Mars, edited by Mike Ashley This anthology is subtitled "The Golden Age of the Red Planet" and is a companion volume to the British Library's Moonrise, reviewed in my previous post. Like that book, this one includes some of the more interesting but largely forgotten SF of the past, and...
  20. Kevin

    Music Songs about specific Movie/TV/Book characters

    Let's have some fun, what songs can you think of that are about specific movie/TV/book characters? I'll start with a relatively recent song about a possibly depressed Superman. Five for Fighting - Superman
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