All Sci-Fi is enthusiastically promoting Alien Soup!


It's a sad fact that message boards are dwindling on the web, and the ones that are left need to help each other out by making science fiction fans aware of fine boards like Alien Soup!

With that in mind, I've posted a very enthusiastic message on my own board, All Sci-Fi to encourage our members to discover what a great on-line community Alien Soup is.

Please click on the click below and discover just how eager we are to help Alien Soup add more members who can enjoy and enrich this unique board! :cool:

Alien Soup - a remarkable message board!

And while you're there, we hope you'll consider joining All Sci-Fi as well. If you decide to register, the "join by invitation" password you'll need is my user name — budbrewster — with no spaces and no caps.

We're looking forward to working with you to keep science fiction message boards alive and energetic!

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