Alpha Crime(Sci-Fi game)


Heres a game for some sci fi fans who may be interested in playing.Its an active game and can be pretty addicting and loads of fun.Over 1700 registered members from all over the world and new things being added and worked on all the time.We also have raffels to win some great in game prizes.Sign up now and receive a welcome starter pack to help you get started.Enjoy and have fun.

Alpha Crime.Do you have what it takes to survive in the massive galaxy of hardened Criminals and Ruthless gangs?

You will need to Battle your way to the top with a massive collection of over 80 different types of Weapons and Armour.Visit over 20 different planets with shops as you level up!

Train your way to the top in Strength,Agility and Guard with a choice of over over 40 different properties to buy,with each one increasing your stats as you train.

Buy a ship and travel from planet to planet.Challenge others to a race and win some cash or even there ship.Increase the ships capabilities to better your chance of winning

Attack others,mug them and commit crimes.Rob there homes for valuable items,do drive-bys,burn there homes and hire an assassin.Put a bounty up for those you cant beat and someone else will.

Join a Fleet and work with others to gain the respect you deserve,Declare War on another gang,do gang crimes,collect items for the gang vault or do 40 different solo missions to add to your own bank or you can go it alone and take the Galaxy on by yourself.

The choice is yours.