Any Body Like playing Sci Fi Games?


Any body like playing Sci Fi Games?

I have played the board game DUNE from avalon hill and it is a lot of fun. It really creates the flavor of the first book. You play one of the major houses, the fremen, the guild or the bene gesserit (sp?) and you fight and compete for control of DUNE. My friends love to play it too.

Another game we like is twilight imperium - not based on a movie but its a cool board game too with space ships and tech nology.

As you might of guessed I love sci fi games

Do any of you guys know of any cool sci fi board games?

Hmmm, well lately, just like Sci-fi movies, Hollywood has been littering the world with felgercarb.

I have to say the most decent from recent times just has to be Mass Effect.

But I'm also a big fan of Anachronox, Deus Ex series, Freelancer..
I can recommend Gothic - a starship type game. You play different warships and they have kis for the actual ships available on the internet. Btw its a warhammer 40k type game.
Wow, dune is my favourite, i would suggest you to try the old dune, but it might be too old for you but the atmosphere is amazing, try it and go for it, sci fi games are my faviourite ones, from old ones try fragile too, but you might need to run it in a dosbox :smiley:
I like playing sci fi escape the room games. They are online games where you look around a room (or a house, or a car, or space ship) and pick things up and use them to get out. Good ones are the Core series (Sphere, Cube, Prism, Soul, and Tower; in order), Abducted!, MOTAS, and Submachine (0-5). I'd give those a go, if you are into that.
I used to play BattleTech, but liked the Renegade Legion game system(s) more, also from FASA.
It was similar to BattleTech, but with space fighters, grav tanks and capital ship action. It was more thought out, especially the damage system.
Cool universe design, but it flopped alas