Artisan Cafe now open!

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The Artisan Cafe is now open and we have a new staff member! I am happy to announce that Mr. Destructo has come joined our staff as the moderator of the new Artisan Cafe forums. :cool:

[img2=right][/img2]The new Artisan Cafe forums are for people to share their original works of literature, FanFic (fan fiction), artwork, or any other creative means of expression. If you like original sci-fi & fantasy, then this is the place for you! Mr. Destructo has already shared several of his own original short stories and is in the midst of setting some guidelines for the community. Now's your chance to be heard, join in the conversations today and give your input on what you'd like to see.

Mr. Destructo joins us from the UK and is working on compiling a collection of short stories with the hope of being published. Be sure to check out his stories he's posted so far and let him know what you think.


King of the Hill
cool, and I think that this also goes along with the web site name change and emphasizes that its about Sci-Fi in general and not simply tied to one show or idea.

Now the board has it's own writer I have to say that's some Pretty Darn CoolSciFi.



Definately the best site - nice to read views without someone squeaking about one particular programme/book/movie etc. Nice to read the the thoughts and muses by like-minded poeple who not blinkered by their passion.


Hopefully, I will be able to post some of my artwork and short stories. Am stuck with public access internet at present. ( A friend of my partner fried my PC, Mac not online at present).

If anyone in England happens to be getting bored on the M1 -stop off at J14 Milton Keynes - a few examples of my artwork on display in the Central Library. Don't mean to be rude mentioning this but will try to post on CooSciFi for anyones comments and criticism - files a bit on large side to transfer from pile of slagged harddrive to another system.