'Aurora' Free to watch fantasy/action film

Hey Guys,

We have recently completed a 30 minute Steampunk/Fantasy Action Adventure film called 'Aurora'

It can be seen completely free at www.youtube.com/aurorathefilm

It was shot in and around the Adelaide area in South Australia on a budget of $1800. Using 8 locations, with over 80 costumed extras and 375 VFX shots it has been a mammoth undertaking in indie film making. Now that we have completed the film we want to share it with you, we think you'll get a kick out of it. We always wanted this film to appeal to communities like this one and reckon our influences and film interests are pretty similar.

"After his wife Alina (Nikki Gaertner-Eaton) is kidnapped by a group of slave traders and put up for sale to the highest bidder, Emerson Marks (Peter Rossi), captain of the airship ‘Aurora’ flies out in search of her. With his crew’s opinions divided and the ruthless slave trader LeMaher (Mark Aitchison) in his way, Emerson must decide how much he is willing to sacrifice in order to bring back the one he loves."

If you have any questions, thoughts or feelings, we would love to hear them!

Thanks guys,

- Jim